Carrion Crown - Strangers in a strange land

Gathered Information

Aramir’s Information So Far
Whispering Way Cult seeking immortality, Kill those know about them
False Crypt Has protective gear Chuch doesn’t know
Five Main Criminals
The Lopper Beheaded people with handaxe
Piper of Illmarsh Snatched victems and played a dirge to them
Father Charlatan Con Man faked being a priest
The Mosswater Marauder Dwarven murderer Killed wife and went on spree
Splatter Man Spelled out victems name in blood before killing them
Statue had Blood V on it looking for names that match Councilmen?
Gib lives near there could he have seen anything?
Watch Statue at night may reveal culprit for sure. Lopper dead as far as we know



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