Carrion Crown - Strangers in a strange land

First Meeting

A group of individuals were gathered for the funeral of Professor Petros Lorrimor. The funeral was disrupted by malcontents who were quickly cowed by combination of threats and entreaties for peace. After the funeral those of us who were named in will were invited back to the Lorrimor home. His daughter Kendra was a gracious host. The reading of the will had some interesting requests. The first was to delivery of the borrowed tomes with a payment of 100 platinum when the deed was done. The second was to assist his daughter with setting is affairs for the month as prerequisite to receive payment for delivery. As a group all the individuals agreed the terms. Upon opening the chest containing the books we discovered much more was going on then an accidental death of a friend, colleague, or mentor. Three tomes are to be delivered to Montagnie Crowl at Lepidstadt University. A fourth tome Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye, has a note indicating it should be delivered to Embreth Daramid, a judge at the Lepidstadt Courthouse discretely. In addition to the books we knew about there was the Professors journal. In it were several circled entries about a cult of the Whispering Way. They are searching for immortality through undeath. He believe they were after something in Harrowstone and encounter ghosts within the ruins when investigating. The journal also disclosed that the Graveyard had a secret stash tools against the undead, perhaps unknown to the church. The last entry is just before he left for the ruins and his death. This made those gathered wonder whether his death was an accident. Looking though books and using the resources at the house we find out that the Whispering Way silenced their by crushing their victims head or mouth to prevent speak with dead. This matched the description of the Professor’s death. We decided to retain the trust of the Church we decided to discuss the secret stash and perhaps get information from them about the prison. Also would check in town library/school for information. For efficiency we split up. We managed to get some information from the library, but the Church did not agree to help us. Unfortunately through the actions of our procurer we lost the trust of the locals including the Father Grimburrow the head of Church of Pharasma. That night at incident occurred that proved a catalyst for change. The town statue to the honor those who died at Harrowstone was covered in blood with a large V. As a group we investigate and make important inroads in building relationships with the Alchemist, Smith, and Moneychanger through a combination of diplomancy, honesty, and skills. At this point we discover the identities of most dangerous criminals at the prison and some rumors give us insight into what we could be facing. To further prove ourselves we should find out who is doing the vandalism. Also we might want to find out the names of those honored dead from Horrowstone since the rumors show the executioner may still be on duty.



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